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 Val & Anthony

Val is from Quebec, Anthony is from Bordeaux area in France. We fell in love with and in the Canadian Rockies, we now call home. We love outdoor adventures, travelling, cooking up a storm and a good glass of wine, beer or whisky in great company.


We have worked in hospitality our whole lives; In fact, the art of hospitality flows into our veins. It is not just what we do, it is who we are. As owners of a Boutique Liquor Store and former owners of a successful restaurant in Canmore, we continue our culinary journey with Epicureans Co.


Epicureans Co. provides us the opportunity to share our passions for wine food & travels. Weather it is hosting you into your own home with Private Chefs and/or Wine Tasting Parties or taking you along our amazing Culinary Adventure exploring the landscape of France, Italy, Greece and Spain through their distinctive flavours and immersive & insightful experiences.

Val & Anthony



We could not have found a better Epicurean to join our team! Erin shares our deeply rooted passion for wine, food and travels. She has a sense of hospitality equals to ours and a wealth of knowledge in history and cultural anthropology. She did an apprenticeship both as a Chef and Pastry Chef while she attained a University degree in History & Social Cultural Anthropology. With over 15 years experience guiding both locally in the Bow Valley and in Europe she presents herself as an exceptional and resourceful host for our Culinary Adventures. Fun fact, she has been in Europe over 55 times!!!


“Travel changed the entire trajectory of my life. I love how transformative it is. I think Anthony Bourdin spoke to the feeling: travel marks you, the journey changes you. Along the way, the people you meet, the flavours you explore, and the richness of other cultures leave you with new ideas and new ways of thinking. You become a citizen of the world not just your own country.” - Erin


We are thrilled to onboard Erin to take you on our Culinary Adventures!

Food & Wine Enthusiasts



Join us on a Culinary Adventure

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