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Epicureans Co.

Culinary Adventures

Explore the world through your senses

Epicureans Co. Adventures are designed around experiences. We find a destination and put our luggages down to settle ourselves into a local community. From there, we take day trips to experience local wine and food through immersive activities, lunch and visits. Late afternoon, we come back to our home (castle or villa) to relax and enjoy a meal cook by a local Chef or our personal Chef Anthony. A long table, every night, where we share fantastic meals, make new friends and create fond memories. Our homes are big enough so that there is space and privacy for everyone all while there is communal space where we can enjoy each others company. We are home and family for a week. We pride ourselves in finding typical accommodation. It makes for a real immersive experience. 

You can be assured we selected our locations, activities and partners with intuitions and local knowledge. As any of our projects, it is born out of passion and delivered with our professionalism, simplicity and conviviality. It is an adventure and it is curated for travellers as opposed to tourists. If you are ready to leave your home routine behind and open your mind to taste new realities, if you are fun loving, open minded, curious, and flexible, we welcome you to join us on this one of a kind culinary adventure!.

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